Sunday, November 14, 2010

Do Irlen lenses help you to sing?

Does Irlen Syndrome affect the ability to sing? I had not heard of this until I read this article. I have posted it here for you to have a look. What do you think?
Effects of Light on Audio Perception:  "Tone Blind"
“I have only been aware of the effects of light on audio perception for a little over a month now; and as my expertise is primarily in the area of vocal training and education, "What's my singing got to do with my eyes?” is usually the question I'm asked.

The concept that wearing a pair of glasses with special lenses will help improve singing is a little difficult for most people to grasp.  My observations are very interesting and exciting.  The results vary from student to student; but in the main, the light reduction not only aids them to sing in tune with confidence and greatly increased awareness of their musical goal, but also to be able to "hear" when they are "out" of tune.  For some of these students, it would appear that this is the very first time they have had any real awareness of the sounds they are making as they are singing.  They simply have great difficulty "hearing" what they are doing while they are actually vocalising.”  Sussane Towers, Diploma Operatic Arts & Music Theatre Director

Interesting isn't it. Do you have anything to add to this article. I would love you to share your comments.

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