Friday, November 18, 2011

What things can help overcome Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome?

The following excerpt is taken from the book 'My World is not your World' written by Alison Hale. It is her autobiography that aims to tell her story from her point of view. Alison has Dyslexia, Aspergers and Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. The book gives a very good insight into what it is like to live with these conditions. The book traces her life from her early childhood experiences to the present.
"I looked out into the world through my distorted senses unable to make coherent meaning of all the mesmerising fragments of noise, light, words and sensations....    "

Alison also talks about the things that helped her overcome Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome.
    These include the following:      
Reducing glare: using dull coloured paper for reading and writing. Never reading in bright light, fluorescent or sunlight.
Wearing tinted lenses in my glasses to reduce some of the visual distortions and make my eyes feel calmer.
Always wearing sunglasses when outside on sunny days.
Using LCD computer screens as opposed to CRT screens (CRT screens flicker).
Setting up Computer Screen to suit me - Optimise Computer Screen.
Adjusting website text size using my Internet Browser settings (In IE in top menu bar go to 'View' then select 'Text Size'). This works on my website but not on all websites!
Using a bookmark when reading so that I do not lose my place.
Reading for short periods with breaks rather than trying to read continuously over a long period.
To ensure I do not become too tired I limit the time I spend in busy crowded places (eg. supermarkets, shopping centres, pubs!, etc...) where there are lots of visual stimuli.

Her book is available from Amazon and is called 'My World is not Your World'.

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