Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amazing success stories about people with Irlen Syndrome

In the newsletter I receive from the Irlen Institute in America, they have started a campaign called "Yes I Can". It highlights stories of individuals that have done amazing things once they have their Irlen filters on. Here is one example:
Angeline, of Sparks, Nevada, is 9 years of age.  A world renown reading expert noted that Angeline would probably be compromised and potentially need books on tape but her reading difficulties and her struggles would build character.  Angeline was nominated by her mother who is proud that her “Yes I Can” ways earned her A’s and B’s in 3rd grade.  She received the Most Improved Award by the end of the year and, in 4th grade, had an invitation to the National Elementary Honor Society Club and won the Falcon Award for academic performance and behavior.  With her Irlen Spectral Filters, Angeline is no longer defined by her reading inadequacies but is now using her “Yes I Can” ways to excel in every way.

How fantastic is that! I will post more stories on my blog each week.

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