Friday, January 21, 2011

Here is another amazing success story of someone with Irlen Syndrome

In the previous post, I started to highlight amazing success stories from the 'Yes I Can' award program of children and adults that have risen above adversity and are now living successful lives. The next story is also incredible. Henry Richards is an eight year old boy from the UK. Here is part of the amazing story of this brave little boy.

"His father is a certified Irlen Screener who writes that “Irlen Filters have truly changed my son’s life.”  Before his Irlen Filters, Henry could not read, could hardly write, and was very angry and withdrawn.  Although good at gymnastics, competition proved stressful.  He has worn his Irlen Filters all day, every day, for the past 8 months; and with hard work is in the top literacy group…reading two years above his actual age.  He sleeps well, speaks and writes fluently, is calm, organized, and a regional gymnastic champion." (

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