Friday, February 18, 2011

Irlen Syndrome - Dyslexia and brain scans

American psychiatrist, Daniel Amen, has screened Irlen patients for over 10 years. He has performed before and after brain scans of patients with Irlen Lenses and found that while reading, their brains appear more balanced. Three of these scans are reproduced below.
A 3D picture of someone reading tha does not have Irlen Syndrome. Notice that only a small portion of the brain is being used.
Here is a scan of the brain of a person with Irlen Syndrome,
while reading or under bright lighting. Notice how more parts of the brain are in red and being used. This explains why people with Irlen often are tired and have headaches.
The next picture is of a person with Irlen Syndrome reading with coloured lenses or overlays. Notice how the red areas are reduced thereby reducing the strain on the brain.


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